Services we offer

Welcome to the services page of Live-Design, a full-service graphic design company. We offer a wide range of design services to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our team of talented designers is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through effective, visually appealing design.


At Live-Design, we understand that your brand is more than just a logo. It’s the unique combination of elements – including your logo, color scheme, font choices, and messaging – that helps to differentiate your business from the competition. That’s why we offer comprehensive branding services that go beyond just designing a logo.

Our branding process starts with getting to know your business – your target audience, your values, and your goals. We then work with you to develop a branding strategy that reflects your unique identity and resonates with your target audience. This may include creating a new logo, developing a color scheme and font palette, and creating guidelines for how your brand should be used across various marketing materials.

In addition to creating a new brand identity, we also offer rebranding services for businesses looking to refresh their existing branding. This may include updating your logo or other elements of your brand to better reflect your current business or to target a new audience.

Print Design:

In the digital age, it’s easy to forget the power of print materials. But there are still many situations where print materials can be an effective marketing tool – from business cards and brochures to billboards and trade show graphics.

At Live-Design, we offer a full range of print design services to help you create professional, high-quality materials that get results. Whether you need a new business card, a brochure to promote your products or services, or promotional materials for a trade show, we have the skills and expertise to help you make a lasting impression.

Our print design process starts with getting to know your business and your specific design needs. We then work with you to develop a concept that meets your goals and resonates with your target audience. From there, we handle all aspects of the design process, including layout, typography, and image selection, to ensure that the final product is professional and effective.

Digital Design:

In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. At Live-Design, we offer a range of digital design services to help you create a professional, effective online presence.

Our digital design services include website design, social media graphics, email marketing templates, and more. We work with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and create designs that meet your goals and reflect your brand.

Our team is experienced in designing websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. We can create a new website for you from scratch, or redesign your existing website to give it a fresh, modern look.

In addition to website design, we also offer social media graphics and email marketing templates to help you connect with your audience and promote your products or services online. We can create custom graphics for your social media profiles, or design email templates that are consistent with your brand and effectively convey your message.


In addition to our design services, we also offer a range of consulting services to help businesses and organizations optimize their marketing efforts. Our team has years of experience in marketing and can provide expert guidance on a variety of topics, including social media strategy, email marketing, and content marketing.

Whether you’re just starting out and need help developing a marketing plan, or you’re looking to revamp your existing marketing efforts, we can help. We offer one-time consulting sessions or ongoing support to help you achieve your marketing goals